Arabella Marshall
Arabella Marshall
Arabella Marshall is a glass artist with a special interest in making pieces that form an inherent part of the environments, both interior and exterior, lived in and used by people.

Her work comes from the deep inspiration she finds in the everyday relationship with her surroundings as well as that which starts to form between the developing piece and the person or place for which it is intended.She has a background in fine art, studying for three years at St. Martins and Maidstone schools of art. Indeed it was her love of painting that initially infused her desire to work with glass.

Glass Training

2008             Engraving with Christian Schmidt
2005             Aquarelle casting with Emma Varga
2004             Glass blowing / sandcasting Liquid glass centre
2003             Fusing / casting with Janheim Stipphout
2001 - 02      One year City & Guilds Stained Glass inc. kiln work

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