Arabella Marshall
1. If you would like to commission a piece of glass work contact me by email, letter post, or telephone, letting me know the best time to get back to you.

2. I will reply (preferably by phone) so that we can have a chat about the kind of piece you think you want as well as what it is about my work that attracts you.

3. I will send you a document laying out terms regarding payment, length of time needed to complete the project, how the project will be managed (for architectural or environmental work) etc. Once everything has been agreed the project can begin.

4. With the large scale, architectural or environmental pieces there will be another step between 2 and 3. We will most likely need to meet and arrange a visit to the site in question. I will send you some initial ideas and early design sketches for the piece so that we can clarify the brief.

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My interest is in making a piece which develops out of conversations with yourself and getting to know the situation for which the piece is intended. My commitment, as an artist, is to making a piece as true to my vision as possible. At the same time, what I love about the processes I use is that they include elements of unpredictability, the results of which often surpass what we may have imagined in constructing the brief.