Arabella Marshall

The inspiration for my work comes from my continuous delight in finding the extraordinary amongst the ordinary surroundings of everyday life. Through working with glass I have an opportunity to bring that delight and curiosity into environments lived in and used by people.

I am also deeply inspired by painting, Mark Rothko and Patrick Heron to name two favourite artists. When I first began working with glass I did not know it was possible to make what I was imagining– something that could be big, spontaneous, fluid, like painting but made out of glass.

Why glass? I love the play of light; the way the edges of a piece can disappear into the space around it; the clarity of colour; the way glass is both liquid and frozen.

I especially enjoy making a piece for the particular environment in which it will be seen or person for whom it is intended. This relationship informs the creative process and the piece begins to take on a story which, in turn, drives it along and leads me to unexpected ways of thinking and working. For this reason I like working on a piece that has been commissioned. (See Migration for example)

My work ranges from tiny to very large and from functional to fine art.I primarily use kiln forming techniques along with sandblasting, etching, sand casting and anything else which becomes relevant to a particular project. (See How the Work is Made) I like to work with other artists and / or technicians if the piece requires it. To date I have worked with a stone carver, a designer/engineer and a metal worker.
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