Architectural and Environmental
Creating a place that you or I are drawn to again and again, using colour and light, scale and depth, texture and transparency.
November Behold the Light
I make pieces for interior and exterior contexts, working in partnership with architects, designers and technicians where appropriate.

My work can form an intrinsic part of the design and construct of a building or outdoor space. It may, on the other hand, be a piece or collection of pieces that is brought into an already existing environment but still playing an essential role in creating the atmosphere.

I like to collaborate with artists from other disciplines if the project requires it. To date I have worked with a stone carver, a designer/engineer and a metal worker.

I primarily use kiln forming techniques along with sandblasting, etching, sand casting and anything else which becomes relevant to a particular project. I have experience in managing projects and appreciate the importance of communication between the various stakeholders for best results.

If you like the idea of including glass art in your or your clients' home, work or other environment, but are not sure what form it might take here are some ideas: windows; glass doors; glass panels in doors; screens (space dividers); free standing sculptures (inside or outside); glass tiles in floors; table tops...

Behold the Light


Orchard Edge
Japanese Indigo
Blue to Dye for

Small Panels

Glass/Oak Doors

Tall Panels
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