Arabella Marshall
Students Sands School
Art Room Window Sands School

To date four projects have been undertaken with students at Sands School, Ashburton, Devon.

Making a piece for permanent installation in the school

Sands School is a small, independent, democratic school. The brief was to work with two year groups (12 – 14 year olds) to make a piece which would become a permanent installation in their school. Thirteen children took part in the project.

Steve Hoar (Sands art teacher) and I decided to work with an underwater theme which gave a starting point for how the children might work with the glass and what forms were going to emerge.

As it happened, earlier in the year the same classes had also worked with a visiting iron worker and learnt about welding and bending rods of metal. This led to the idea of the piece becoming a glass and metal sculpture.

The collaboration of ideas and new skills enriched the project far beyond the original brief. I found it truly exciting to watch the process unfold in unexpected ways that can only happen when you work in a team.

Making pieces with an environmental theme Glass work arising out of school’s "Environment Week” (11-16 year olds)

Making a fused glass window for the art room (10 and 11 year olds)

Glass jewellery and small pieces Once a week students have the opportunity to choose an activity they would like to engage in for an afternoon. I have been into the school a few times to work with children who want to make jewellery and other small pieces and am frequently amazed by their desire and ability to produce meticulous work.