Arabella Marshall
Arabella's Studio

I use a variety of techniques:

Fusing – assembling pieces of glass into a composition, which is fired in a kiln. Here the glass “melts” enough for the pieces to join together to form one homogenous piece. Other materials may be sandwiched between glass layers such as gold or silver leaf or wire.

Slumping – placing glass onto a mould so that during the firing it softens to take on its exact shape.

Kiln carving – placing glass onto a stencil made from ceramic fibre and firing in the kiln thus allowing the corresponding areas to “melt” into the cut away areas. This forms a relief carving effect on the underside of the glass, which can usually be seen from the upper side.

Sandblasting – blasting sand at the glass to take off the shiny surface and leave a grainy texture rather like stone. This may be done through a stencil to create an interesting surface design.

Etching – using an acid paste to produce a similar but smoother finish.

Sand-casting – forming an indentation in damp sand and pouring in molten glass, which then cools off slowly in a kiln.

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